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What’s with the Cat?

The story behind USCANTECH

In 2012, we established ourselves as a custom system integrator, initially serving professionals such as engineers, architects, equity traders, and digital media professionals with high-end workstations and servers. Over time, a distinct clientele emerged: small business owners dissatisfied with off-the-shelf computers bogged down by sluggishness and bloatware. They were thrilled to find our SSD-equipped custom systems, meticulously crafted in the U.S. using premium components. Our workstations and servers performed exceptionally well for these clients, leading some to replace all their office computers with our builds, often dozens at a time.

Mila, our 72 lb German Shepherd Dog, seemed particularly curious about the computer building process. She frequently leaped onto the workbenches to “inspect” our builds. Her playful interactions with screwdrivers and habit of napping atop them served as inspiration for our brand name and logo design. In 2013, we began shipping computers adorned with USCANTECH stickers.

As our computers were shipped nationwide, we occasionally received local orders in Toronto. For these clients, we offered on-site delivery and setup in their office as a courtesy. This provided us with the opportunity to familiarize ourselves with our local business clients and gain insight into their office IT setups.

During these visits, we discovered that many of our clients were experiencing ongoing IT struggles. Their setups were often outdated, insecure, and plagued with problems. Their existing IT service providers ranged from “generic computer guys” lacking expertise in managing business systems to large sales-driven IT companies that over-promised to secure contracts but under-delivered shortly thereafter. Despite their dissatisfaction, small business owners found IT changes daunting due to the time, risk, and expense involved.

We recognized that while quality hardware is essential for IT success, having a knowledgeable and responsible managed IT service provider is equally crucial, yet often inaccessible to many small businesses. Despite being primarily a hardware vendor at the time, our team members collectively possess over 20 years of experience in tuning and managing business and enterprise-class software systems, dating back to the DOS and Windows NT Server era. As dedicated IT enthusiasts, we continually stay updated on the latest security and cloud technologies, particularly in light of today’s increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks. The prospect of leveraging this extensive experience and combining it with our own hardware to deliver significant IT improvements to small businesses was undeniably thrilling.

After securing our initial managed service clients, most of whom were referred to us by our existing clients, our vision became a reality. Our clients were delighted with the performance, reliability, and peace of mind we provided. They witnessed a significant increase in productivity and a reduction in IT-related stress. In many cases, our packages more than paid for themselves by reducing or eliminating the need for third-party subscriptions such as backup and security software – all included in our plan. Our strategic adoption of enterprise-class IT solutions, like Single-Sign-On for small businesses, has also been incredibly successful.

Today, USCANTECH has evolved into a fully managed concierge IT service provider for SMBs in Toronto and the surrounding areas. Our expertise in both hardware and software systems continues to benefit our clients daily. Additionally, we are expanding our service coverage to include Azure cloud computing, managed web hosting, and business VoIP. Our goal is to become the trusted one-stop partner for all your IT needs.

What are our core beliefs?

Here are our six core values

Transparency and Integrity

We hold trust as the cornerstone of every relationship. Our commitment is to treat you with the same respect and care that we would expect for ourselves.

Usability and Suitability

We ensure a setup that's straightforward and easy to understand, eliminating user confusion with simplicity and clarity.

Performance and Improvement

You can call us geeks, but we're passionate about fast computers. If yours is running slow, it genuinely bothers us. Let us optimize it for you, so we're all happy.

Reliability and Commitment

We rely on tried-and-proven products supported by the industry's most reputable vendors to guarantee the highest level of uptime for your business.

Precaution and Preventive Care

While we're here whenever you need assistance, our preference is to work proactively around the clock to prevent any issues from arising in the first place.

Budget Control and Analysis

In IT, some expenses are unavoidable. However, for everything else, let USCANTECH find you a better deal.

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